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Yogi, ayurvedic healer, author, speaker, entrepreneur.

The role I am most proud to play is to be a PARTNER IN BELIEVING for my clients. I hold the Vision for what your Soul longs to manifest in your life.

No matter how many obstacles you’re facing, let’s stand in this KNOWING:


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What’s Your Level of Mastery to Manifest Your Vision?

Where and How Can You Improve?


What Clients Are Saying

Mariko is a yoga instructor’s instructor. She’s the best one I’ve had. She’s passionate, precise, friendly, and very calming. In her class you feel energized and rejuvenated.

– Review from Rate Your Burn

Having had an Ayurvedic consultation with you enabled me to tap ever more of your plentiful resources. Getting me moving, getting stronger and more flexible, paying more attention to how I breathe, meditation, learning pranayama techniques … I’m more thoughtful of what I eat. I can’t thank you enough.

– Harold Bott, Musician and Composer, New York City

She is a phenomenal instructor – a genuine yogi with a background in dance. Her instructions are nuanced but crystal clear, and it makes a huge difference. I leave feeling like I’ve worked every muscle in my body, got an amazing stretch, and strengthened my spirit. She is amazing and a joy to learn from.

– Review from Rate Your Burn

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Mariko’s brand-new Web TV Show *Visionary Yoga for Life & Business *brings you the best and the latest in Personal Development,
Yoga, Holistic Health and Business Growth. True to our mission of taking Yoga far beyond the mat and honoring it as the greatest technology for
human consciousness evolution,  you’ll find everytihng from inspiring guest interviews, informative tips on improving your health, to rejuvenating yoga sessions.

This is the place to be to deepen your personal growth and get physically, mentally and emotionally fit!

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This is our premise at Visionary Yoga:

Whether you know it or not, you are already practicing the Yoga of Life, and we can always become more skillful at it.

It’s really time we graduate from thinking of ‘yoga’ as just a workout!

Even when Yoga has matured to become a $37 billion industry, we in the West have hardly scratched the surface of how deep this thing goes.

From The Blog

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Vata, Pitta, Kapha: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Your Ayurvedic Type

by Mariko Hirakawa, B.A.M.S., D.Ay., E-RYT  It is said good and bad things come in threes. Take the Three Wise Men, the Three Blind Mice, The Three Stooges, the Three Musketeers. It seems it takes 3 to create some drama! In the story of Ayurveda, depending on the...

Make Space For What Matters Most

Today, we are going to hit the pause button as you continue to craft your One-Year Vision from the last blog post of this series, and take a moment to put the things that truly matter to you at the front and center of your life. So let's take a look at your yearly...

How to Craft Your One-Year Vision

Let's start off by defining what we mean by a “Vision”. In the context of creating an inspiring plan for 2019, a Vision is a written description of what you intend to manifest in your life in the coming year. It seems so simple and obvious, but so few people take...

The Visionary Art of Setting Your Intentions

Have you ever proclaimed your intention clearly to have something in your life and BOOM! Things start happening in the most uncanny way? So there is a lot of truth in the cliche saying, "Clarity is power", is there not? It's as if the Universe was waiting for you to...

How to Extract the Lessons From Your Past to Propel You Forward

Have you set New Year’s Resolutions and Goals every year, only to forget about them as time progressed? For many people, setting new goals on New Year’s has become a drug to numb the pain of goals that have gone unachieved. It’s time to shift the pattern! Discover why reviewing your past is absolutely essential for your planning a game-changing year ahead so that you can end the year having achieved your most cherished goals and dreams.

How to Overcome Your Resistance to Planning

Do you have a resistance to planning? Discover why having a proven system for planning your New Year ahead is so critical in your success. Plus download my FREE Visionary Planning Guide to help you design your Best Year Ever!

Life in India

“Life is either a daring adventure – or nothing.” - Hellen Keller  It has been a wonderful, rich and challenging 5 1/2 years in India. I have been treading on her soil, and breathing her air. Her temples, trees, cows, camels, elephants, and of course, her people have...

What David Bowie Taught Me About Yoga and Life

Today, I’m taking a moment to honor one of the very few idols I’ve cherished since childhood, David Bowie. Hearing about his loss came as such a shock, one that struck a deep personal chord for me. In this month of New Years, resolutions and goal-setting, his...

Riding the Waves of Change: An Ancient Remedy for the 21st Century

Finding balance in today's hectic world is no easy task. Let's face it: we human beings are a complex species! To live in a state of inner poise amidst the many worlds we straddle as individuals, all of which are constantly undergoing change, requires that we become...

Ahimsa: Looking Deeper into Non-violence

Because we live in a culture that loves to communicate in sound-bites, we tend to think we know the whole meaning of a word just because we’ve heard of it, or because we have images and concepts associated with it. When I set about to write this post on ahimsa, my...

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Effective, game-changing
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Effective, game-changing
insights & practices to take
your Life & Business to the
Next Level

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