Belize Manifestation Adventure 2024

February 25th - March 1st, 2024


Are fears & doubts keeping you from even conceiving of a clear vision, let alone leap towards a brighter, more fulfilling future?

Ditch the relentless treadmill of survival ... and say YES to unleashing your creative powers!

It's time for a SHIFT.

It's your moment to grasp your passport to the Visionary Life...

Embark on a life-transforming journey in the heart of authentic Belize and step into the New Year with amplified power to manifest your Visions and uplevel every aspect of your life!

If you're a yoga lover with a desire to explore its magic on a deeper level, while discovering cultural gems, this retreat is crafted just for you.


A Deep Dive into Yoga, the Science of Consciousness, both embodied and transcendent.

You know that Yoga is not just about physical poses. It answers the deepest yearnings of a human being to realize his or her reason for being on this planet.

It kindles the Light of one's own Consciousness, which knows the way to live life in the most fulfilling, exuberant way...and it's far beyond the logical intellect!

That's because Yoga is the world's oldest form of Personal Development, which focuses not just on "mindset", but on clearing all the subconscious impressions that impede the full realization of your Purpose for being as a human at this time in history.

There's a part of you that recognizes your hidden powers...and Yoga beckons you to unleash it.

This retreat is about tapping into that part of you which is AWAKE to your true powers. Because when you do, you can simply bypass old (even decades long) hang-ups and shift dynamically into the "having" mode!

So leave your worries and anxieties behind...and simply say YES to the Power that's calling you.

Let's lay down stress, anxieties, and concerns and open up to the magic of life.

Let's fall head-over-heels in LOVE with life again!

"This is worth the journey because you're gonna be in an incredible space to just restructure your whole life and being, and kind of reset everything."

- Claudia M, Retreat Attendee (Los Angeles, CA)

This is the retreat where you stop wanting and start having...

Did you know that most people who try to realize their dreams through the Law of Attraction are doing so from a place that's actually keeping their Vision miles away from realization?

You see, most people have not done the essential inner clearing work that allows the Law to work in their favor...because that takes a higher degree of awareness, and intentionality than they're willing to commit while living in the world.

That's why this retreat is far from just a vacation - it's a Portal to the Higher YOU.

Wouldn't it be awesome if...

💡 You allowed yourself to completely get out of your own way and broke free from your own inner critic, so you can consistently step into an exponentially higher level of Exuberance?

💡 You stopped letting your external world dictate what you can and can't do, and instead you showed THEM a different way?

💡 You gave yourself FULL permission to create your life in a way that you just love?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what happens when you do the work of Inner Yoga and awaken and AMPLIFY that part of you that KNOWS the way.


Unleash your Inner Visionary in Belize... your story begins here.

Escape from the grind to our beautiful sanctuary in Belize, a hidden gem by the ocean. It's a place to connect with nature and that part of you that holds the power to actualize your Visionary Life.

Our idyllic retreat location, nestled on the Caribbean Sea's edge in a charming area that's been voted the friendliest village in Belize!

Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Caribbean Sea near the Garifuna village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District, our tropical oasis redefines the Belizean beach experience.

We invite you to unleash your inner visionary, as you script your own story amidst the beauty of Belize.

Nestled along the shores of a tropical paradise, our ocean view home in the sun offer us the beauty and comfort that supports the high vibrational work we'll be doing:

  • SPA

"This week really helped me to clarify the next steps, but it also gave me some great tools to use. It helped me with being a better version of myself. And really the inspirational, visionary work is gonna have a lasting, lasting impact."

- Jenny E., Retreat Attendee (New Jersey)


Your Caribbean home away from home...

We know it's important for you to feel safe, settled, comfortable, and well-pampered when you are on a retreat to manifest your Next Level Live. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

You'll have your own private, well-appointed one bedroom accommodations with comfortable amenities and commanding views of the Caribbean Sea. Each has a private balcony, with AC, ceiling fans, Smart Flat Screen TV's, and full bathroom.

Have a look at the list of the amenities in your room below:

  • One bedroom
  • Queen bed
  • Ensuite full bathroom
  • Ocean view terrace
  • Sitting area with desk
  • Smart Flat Screen TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Coffee Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Hair Dryer
  • Robes
  • Iron & Ironing Board upon request
  • Complimentary Purified Water
  • Housekeeping service

“It was per-r-r-rfect! Everything was amazing! The Yoga, the Visionary workshop, and amazing cultural experiences. Very well organized!”

- Nicole M, Retreat Attendee (New York, NY)


Your Travel made simple...

We've got your back on this Journey! Your retreat package includes transportation to and from Belize City (BZE), and to ensure a smooth experience, we'll request your international flight information before your departure.

Your adventure begins with a scenic and exciting chartered commuter flight between Belize City and Dangriga Airport, followed by a comfortable shuttle van ride to the sanctuary from Dangriga Airport.

Please note: Please plan to arrive at Belize City airport no later than 3:30pm on February 25 to clear customs and catch the last 5:00pm chartered flight.

Join us for an Orientation Call on Friday, February 9th, via Zoom, where we'll answer your questions and provide any updates.

For now, all you need to do is book your international flight to Belize City (BZE) and get ready for an incredible journey!

What's included

  • 5 nights, 6 days accommodations in a beautiful, ocean view one bedroom
  • 2 Visionary Yoga Sessions per day with Mariko on non-excursion days (we'll have at least one session each day)
  • Powerful Vision Manifestation Workshops to dial-in and manifest your heart's desires
  • Use of the retreat venue amenities with private access to the beach & two large oceanfront swimming pools
  • Three chef-prepared meals every day
  • Roundtrip domestic flights between Belize City and Dangriga Airport
  • Roundtrip shuttle service to and from Dangriga to Hopkins Bay Resort
  • Group snorkel trip in the world class Belize Barrier Reef
  • Yoga equipment included Yoga Mats and Yoga Blocks, Straps and Blankets
  • Exclusive use of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and other non-motorized toys

Your Retreat Packages includes a snorkeling excursion to the Belize Barrier Reef, the largest reef in the Northern Hemisphere!

What's not included:

  • International flight to Belize City.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Excursions other than the Belize Barrier Reef snorkeling trip
  • Services such as massage, reiki healing, etc
  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, tips for workers at the retreat site.

What you'll take home:

  • More clarity on what’s next and how the heck you’re getting there.
  • Powerful SPECIFIC practices, resources & tools for manifesting your Next Level Life.
  • Deep, experience-backed understanding of how to apply the Law of Assumptions.
  • A physical, spiritual and mental reset
  • A newfound energy and excitement for your life.
  • Love for the Belizean people and their country.
  • Deep and powerful connections with a special group of AMAZING visionaries.
  • Incredible memories (and pictures) of your awesome adventures, mouthwatering meals, and new BFF’s

Jumping for Joy with my Visionary Adventure Retreat attendees!

Register Here

All prices are per person.

$2997 USD double occupancy, One Bedroom Ocean View - All inclusive with 3 meals/day, all yoga & workshop sessions, snorkeling excursion, flight to & from Belize City to Dangriga airport, and shuttle from airport to Retreat Site.

$3997 USD single occupancy, One Bedroom Ocean View - All inclusive with 3 meals/day, all yoga & workshop sessions, snorkeling excursion, flight to & from Belize City to Dangriga airport, and shuttle from airport to Retreat Site.

The Belize Manifestation Adventure Retreat 2024 is limited to 22 participants MAX. Rooms are given on a first-come, first-served basis. To join us, simply follow these steps:

1. Choose either single or double occupancy, then place your $997 non-refundable deposit.

3. Book your flight as soon as possible to Belize to get the best rates.

2. The balance is due by December 1st, 2023. Please submit via Zelle or Venmo.

PLEASE NOTE: All rooms are One Bedroom with a Queen size bed. So if you are not coming as a couple, we strongly recommend you go for the Single Occupancy option!

Double Occupancy Deposit


Single Occupancy Deposit



What previous attendees say...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The entire experience exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to come back for another retreat with Mariko!

She is most effective as a teacher and has helped me to identify the strengths and weaknesses in my body enabling me to perform the asanas with greater comfort and ease… 

Most importantly, she makes me feel that she cares; and, additionally, I feel a sense of improvement as a result of the way she encourages me and shows me how to work with my body.” 

~ Margot S.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Oh, absolutely. Do it. Absolutely fabulous. I mean, we meet some great, like-minded folks. 

Yes. that's been so fun. 

But it's also a special time when you can just shut the 

laptop down... to have a week like this is such a special, wonderful 

opportunity that doesn't 

happen very often...  

And Mariko in particular is so humble, but an amazing yoga teacher and guru.  

I think very much just being in her presence is inspiring. and 

she's just so inspirational and

very calming and, and wonderfulto be around as well. 

So if you get the chance, it's 

something, very special and 

quite wonderful participate in."

~ Jenny E.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Mariko is a yoga instructor’s instructor.  She’s the best one I’ve had.  She’s passionate, precise, friendly, and very calming.  You walk out of a class feeling so much better than when you entered.  In her class you feel energized and rejuvenated. 

She seems to have dedicated much of her life to yoga having undergone advanced training in India.  You can tell that yoga is a way of life for her. 

She exudes positive energy, attention to proper posture, and has an very calm music selection. 

I wish I had known about her earlier.  She’s a consummate professional with a sublime and uplifting spirit."

~ Review from"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Mariko is amazing. She adapts to our needs & capabilities with all welcome. Has a great perspective with soulfulness and sincerity, and is fun to spend time with.”

~ Pat S.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Emotionally, spiritually you'll be changed and just to say, I think she attracts amazing people.

You are going to come away with a lot more than you probably paid for in the end. 

I would say do it. I would say don’t think with your head. Think with your heart and do it if you can.

Because I am learning more and more that things are just things but these experiences are so much more valuable.

You are with a true blue authentic professional. She's definitely a 110 capable of bringing that to the table. Teaching you that and embodying that.

That's worth itself. Like right there. That’s hard to find. It’s something that you'll take home with you beyond just the physicality of it.”

~ Karrin P.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"What I loved about this retreat 

was the combination of Mariko's yoga style, the beautiful 

location, the hotel is just 

amazing. It's just a space where you can deeply 

relax, go inward, and also find 

the community, eat amazing 

food, eat amazing food. 

The whole combination of 

everything was just perfect.

I'm a yoga teacher myself, so 

I've taken thousands of yoga 

classes. Her style is very, very 

unique and, yes, it's definitely 

something you want to attend!

And I just feel  better about my body, my mind, my 

spirit, my, my whole wellbeing. 

I really feel so rested now and

 very different than when 

I arrived here a week ago."

- Claudia M.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This was more than just a workshop. What I mean is other workshops you go, you take a class and you write all the stuff and then you don’t do anything.

Mariko is just a very good teacher. She has a background in yoga that allows her to be very specific and helping you learn how to improve your own yoga practice. 

But its more than just yoga. It’s also integrating the visionary and her background in Ayurvedic medicine since she is an Ayurvedic doctor.

She is a pioneer in yoga. But she's moving into the next step to help people on a larger scale and in a more deeper way.”

~ Patrick S.


Meet the Host of Belize Manifestation Adventure

As your guide on this transformative journey, I'm thrilled to welcome you into into an adventure you'll never forget. That's because this journey combines the outer travel experience with deep dives into the Inner Terrain that holds your Highest Destiny.

It's been my mission to support people in Self Realization since the 90's. With three decades of yoga experience and a track record of leading retreats since 2012, I'm here to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

As an International Best-Selling author and speaker, I've been invited to share my insights at platforms like the United Nations, Yoga Festivals, and conferences in the US and abroad. My journey from professional ballet dancer in NYC to a dedicated student and teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda in India has equipped me to help you discover your inner potential.

Fluent in Hindi and Sanskrit, I hold a B.A.M.S. Ayurvedic Physician's Degree, and my mission for the past 32 years has been to awaken the visionary in individuals from all walks of life.

Join me in Belize, and together, let's script a new chapter in your story!

- Mariko Bhakti Hirakawa

Cancellation Policy:

A deposit of $997 is required at time of registration. Deposits are refundable until 90 days before departure. Any cancellation made between 89 and 60 days before departure will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price.  Any cancellation made between: 61 days and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum. If we do so, your deposit will be refunded in full. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.


Your Belizean Adventure Retreat Awaits

Secure your tropical sanctuary now and unlock a world of transformation by the Caribbean Sea!