How to Launch a Virtual Summit Part 1: Recommendations and Lessons Learned


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I’m super excited to announce that this is the first of our ongoing series. And we’ll be offering everything that Visionary Yoga stands for, yoga, Ayurveda, and living your visionary life. So I’m excited to bring you on this journey, and today we’re going to be sharing with you how to launch a virtual summit with our summit debrief video.

We recently put on an online virtual summit titled Uplevel Your Health, Wealth And Your Mindset For The New Paradigm Summit, and we had amazing speakers, everyone from cryptocurrency experts, to astrologers, to yoga experts, to personal mindset human design experts. And I learned so much from putting on this event. And so, I want to share with you from the school of hard knocks, what to do, what not to do, my best recommendations on how to launch a virtual summit.

So, if you have in your intent to do anything that is on your terror barrier, the things that scare you, definitely watch this video for inspiration. And I would love to hear from you, your thoughts, your comments, your ahas in the comments below. I’m also on all the social media channels, so hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook @VisionaryYoga, and I love to hear from you. Thanks for being here and namaste.


How to Launch a Virtual Summit


Do plan ahead.

Now, I would give yourself four months ahead if you plan on doing something like this. One of the personal lessons learned is coming from service. I think that when you own your business, and I’m like a number one heart’s desire person, it’s very easy to think like, “Okay, I’m doing this just to build my business.” And that was like my initial come from, but then I realized I must do this as a service and that’s why, again, if you decide to ever do a summit, you should do it on a topic that you feel passionate about and that you genuinely feel interested in, because actually, what you’re doing is creating a university.

You’re creating a university of learning for yourself, so if you’re not genuinely interested to know the topic that you are holding a summit on, I don’t think you could come from the genuine place of curiosity and your learning. So for me, that was a wonderful thing. This theme of uplevel somehow just came so organically to me and I realized that’s exactly one I wanted to have the summit on. How do we stay empowered and thrive instead of just survive in the arenas of health, in the arenas of wealth, in the arenas of business building and mindset?

And so, it kind of organically came to organize itself, and that’s what I would highly recommend for you if you decide to do something like this. Have a structure. Whenever I’m doing anything, if I’m teaching a yoga class, I know that the structure of knowing the basic kind of outline of the class is always there in my mind. The theme, like the theme I want to drive home in that class is always there in my mind. But exactly what’s going to come out, that I leave to the flow and to the improvisation of it.

So having a structure of these four buckets really helped me. The health bucket, the wealth bucket, the business bucket, and the mindset bucket. It really helped me to kind of like, whoever I was meeting, I started to think, “Huh, would that person be perfect? Which day would that person be perfect to present on?” And it really helped to organize the summit effortlessly, organically. And so, I highly recommend having that structure, and definitely build as much structure as you can.


Build the infrastructure.

I would say the first two months of the summit is like building the infrastructure, the website, the title. The promise and the structure of how many days you want to do it, how many speakers you want to have, and you have that intention. And then, of course, people laugh and say, “Life is what happens when you’re making plans,” and that’s true too. But I find totally winging it never works for me, maybe because I am a Capricorn. I just really like to have the foundation of a structure, it allows me to have freedom in improvising. And I find that in everything, whether it’s choreography, whether it’s teaching yoga, whether it’s holding a conversation like this with you. I have an outline and then I can riff around it.

So the first two months are usually dedicated to creating the online assets and determining, making those decisions of, “Okay when? Okay, what’s happening day one, day two?” And then there are many things that were decided kind of on the go too, and I was amazed, like even in days three and four and five I was like, “Okay, I’m adding a day six,” and I was improvising. But I could do that because the structure was in place, right.


Personal lessons learned

I would like to share the personal lessons I learned on how to launch a virtual summit. I learned how to delegate, yay! Because being a number one person, which is the numerological heart’s desire number. I’m January, I’m January 19th, it’s all ones. And so, I have to be careful of this tendency to try to do everything myself, I’m thinking I can do it. And I ran my business like that for a long time, and it’s exhausting. It’s also like, let other people shine in their genius zone and, oh my gosh, it was such a joy to be able to hand it off to my wonderful assistant, Karen, I give a big shout out to, because without her I truly couldn’t have done this summit. She really helped me so, so much, because she just had the templates, and she was also experienced in helping other people run summits, so that was amazing. So I would definitely say invest in high quality people.

I also had an amazing team that created the website for me. I mean, I had the vision. I was very hands-on for creating the website, I had the image, and I had what I wanted exactly on it, and the copy, but it was the web designer who coded it for me. And I would say, “I want this,” and he did it for me. So having people I could delegate to was like a godsend, and that’s what I celebrate. I think it was a huge growth for me to create a team.

If you’d like to see what a summit looks like as an evergreen finished product, check it out here.

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