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Mariko Hirakawa is a nationally recognized wellness specialist, an expert on Yoga and Ayurveda who has helped professional men and women from all walks of life create inner balance and unleash their most vibrant and authentic self through a process of self-discovery.

Mariko has a message of Healing and Inner Growth for your audience, and what it means to truly be whole in this hectic Digital Age. A thought-provoking and engaging speaker, Mariko makes ancient wisdom highly relevant to today’s life, illuminating subtle insights in an accessible and fun way.

Not only will your audience be inspired and motivated with a refreshing perspective on how to achieve greater health and well-being, they will learn the secrets to becoming a High Perfomer from the inside out!

The audience will leave with concrete tips, tools and techniques on how to implement a holistic approach to their health as they embrace a new paradigm in health-creation.

Mariko will provide the tools necessary to meet challenges and overcome the obstacles to living a life in balance and unleash the Most Vibrant You!

Mastering the Wellness Principles

How to Get from Where You are To Where You Want to Be In your Health and Well-Being

Prepare Yourself for a Year of Success with Mariko Hirakawa, Nationally Recognized Yoga Master and Holistic Healer!

Mariko Hirakawa is uniquely qualified to speak on Wellness in your company from a Holistic perspective. She is an inspirational keynote speaker, performer and highly acclaimed Yoga Master with in-depth training in holistic medicine.

Knowing how to achieve personal balance is like knowing the combination to a lock. If you are missing any of the numbers or have them in the wrong order, the lock won’t open. Self-knowledge is the foundation for both self-healing and personal evolution.

In this powerful, entertaining and transformational seminar, Mariko will teach you her proven 6-step system that will not only dramatically improve your health, it will catapult you to step into your higher power and manifest the life of your dreams.


Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to dramatically increase your energy level so you can do what you are meant to be doing in this life.
  • How to decipher your unique set-point for balance and use it to inform your dietary and lifestyle choices.
  • How to access your Higher Self and clarify your purpose, vision and goals (including the latest research on goal setting and goal achievement and how to apply it to your life).
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious mind to accelerate your path to your health and life goals.
  • Understand the Universal Principals of Nature and effectively use them to schedule your day.
  • The three main ways people sabotage their success and how to overcome them.
  • Three daily rituals you need to master in order to create balance and sustainable success.

… and so much more!

As a result of this presentation, you will walk away with immediately useful action steps to create inner balance and experience greater energy and a renewed commitment to your Life’s Path.

Equipped with new insights on your physiological and psychological tendencies, you will be able to:

  • Make wiser decisions on what to eat and what type of exercise is best for your constitution
  • Understand your inner strengths that you should amplify, and negative tendencies you should downplay.

Mariko will show you how to take an integrated approach to creating health and wellness – from the core of your being, so you can truly thrive and live your Highest Expression!

Presentation Formats

  1. The Keynote

This engaging, thought-provoking program will leave your conference or meeting participants energized and excited about the material they have just learned. Though the time spent with participants during a Keynote is brief, Mariko presents the most important highlights in a way that stays with the audience even after they’ve proceeded to their next program  session. Please allow 1-2 hours. 

  1. Corporate Wellness Retreat – a half day, full day, or a weekend format. 

A fantastic way for the employees to connect deeply with themselves as well as each other, in an immersive environment.

We would create a well-balanced program, with engaging interactive content as well as time for rejuvenation, social connection and integration of the materials presented. 

  1. A Structured 6 Week Course with Sequential Modules. 

This is a great way to delve deeper into certain topics, and achieve a focused result in one area.

For example, the course I created for Credit Suisse is designed to identify and clarify one’s deeper purpose, to create a concrete strategy for acheiveing one’s dreams, and to have them leave the course in action on a dream which was sitting in the back burner. Please allow 60-90 minutes per session. 

  1. An Ongoing Weekly Series – Visionary Yoga Sanctuary:  A 60 – 90 minute inspirational mini-retreat which opens your body, releases stress, and provides transformational content for personal development. 

Each session can include:  45 minute Yoga, 10 minute meditation & breathing practice, 20 -30 minute workshop and mastermind around a golden nugget theme designed to stimulate innovative thinking, and new ways to relate to oneself and to each other, fostering deeper engagement and connection among the workers.

  1. A Monthly Workshop

 Each month, we select a theme to dive deeply into, and create an interactive workshop that includes:

  • Content Presentation
  • Application/ Practice of the Principles Presented
  • Mastermind Structured Discussion
  • Yoga/Stretch/Movement
  • Journaling
  • Q & A

Please allow 1-2 hours

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Book Mariko For Your Next Event Now!

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